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Welcome to the home of francophones

About Jbouteiller

If you are a francophone or a French speaker living in any part of the world, welcome home!

French News

You don’t have to be living in France for you to enjoy everything that jbouteiller.net brings to the table.

Community Relations

Regardless of whether you live in Africa, South America, Asia and all points in between, welcome home.

The Resources

It truly is home because this is a global community where people who speak French as their primary language.

Keep the French Culture Alive

As the French language continues to face challenges in our modern world, you can at least gain some respite in this site.

Primary Language

People won’t question you. People won’t ask stupid questions. Instead, we can all share.


Ensure that this amazing language continues to live on in our families for many generations to come.


Not only that, you can network with other French-speaking individuals from all over the world.


Whenever people speaking the same language get together, you can bet that there are all sorts of possibilities in store.


Not only can you establish and forge great business relationships that span thousands of miles of distance. How amazing is that?

Knowledge Base

Community partnerships can go a long way in sharing resources that help ensure that the amazing and beautiful French language.

Why is French On the Decline of the World?

Thanks to the resources made possible by this website.

Regardless of what continent you live in, regardless of which country you live in and your set of circumstances, you can speak French proudly.

Jbouteiller.net is a volunteer website. Please keep this in mind. In other words, the quality of the offerings on this website all depends on people like you. Everybody who is a visitor is a potential volunteer.

We only have a small team maintaining this site. Since french speakers the world over number in the hundreds of millions, we are relying on the global community of francophones and francophiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to read french news?

Now, you don’t have to send any money. We don’t ask for donations. Instead, we are just asking for your attention. By clicking through these pages, you can see if there are any technical problems or glitches.

If pages don’t load right or flat out go missing, we definitely want to hear from you.

If pages don’t appear with the right pictures or if the pages don’t look good on mobile phones, we’d like you to reach out to us.

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