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Jbouteiller.net started out as an argument between two friends who haven’t seen each other for many years. Francois became a volunteer in Southeast Asia and travelled extensively through Thailand, Burma, the Philippines, Australia and what used to be known as the French Indochina. Pierre, on the other hand, went to Canada. From time to time Pierre also went to Cajun country in Louisiana. Of course, any francophone who visits Canada is sure to go to Quebec and its mother city, Montreal. That’s where Pierre was based.

When these two friends got back together, they realized that they had a mixture of good news and bad news. The good news is that there are many people found throughout the world who love speaking French. In fact, they see the distinctive beauty of the French soul expressed in the twists, turns and surprising nuances of the French language. It truly is a mother tongue like no other.

The bad news is, to Pierre and Francois’ regret, these community pockets continue to decline. It’s very easy to see why. While it’s understandable that more and more people are learning Mandarin as the next global business language, French is under assault, whether we’re talking about high schools that used to offer it as an option that are no longer offering it as an elective, to the ever-increasing amount of English and Mandarin language texts on the internet.

Regardless of how you look at it, French, linguistically speaking, is an endangered species. It’s only a matter of time until all the populations go the way of nature and the younger generations have no clue about French, French culture or what being French means. This is why jbouteiller.net was formed. Neither Pierre nor Francois knew anything about HTML, CSS, or PHP. But thanks to the modern miracle of global outsourcing, this website is born. It may have been coded in New Delhi and run off a server in Belgium while Filipinos produce its graphics, but its soul is distinctly French.

Enjoy this website. We are dedicated to sharing everything about France. This includes news. Regardless of your political stripe or whether you have no political affiliation at all, you can bet that if you go through our news and commentary as well as our lifestyle articles, you will have everything you need to completely stay abreast of everything French going on in the world.

This is the francophone’s central headquarters and we know that with your participation and your willingness to share the word about this amazing French island in an English and Mandarin language sea that the French language will continue to shine like a bright light long into the future. We’re counting on you so please share the word on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus or whatever social media platform you’re on.

You’d be surprised as to how many people you would encourage because there are a lot of people who either already speak French or would love to speak French. After all, it is the language of romance.