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Are there lots of French people in League of Legends?

By: Elmo Bouteiller

At jbouteiller.net, we’re very big on French culture as well as French people. To say that we love everything related to France would be an understatement indeed. We take France very seriously even if some parts of the world don’t.

France is in our hearts as it is in our minds. With that said, we look at mass media and consumer trends with a distinct focus on French people. Now that League of Legends has pretty much taken over the world, the most automatic question that comes into our mind is whether there are French people playing this game.

It turns out that there are French people in League of Legends. What makes them distinctive is the fact that they are able to look at the game as some sort of elaborate lands. They see that when you go up against an opponent and you make a move, the opponent reacts. So if you make a different move, the opponent usually would make another kind of move.

By being able to predict this complicated dance of action and reaction, response and surprise, French people can see the bigger picture. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that they get some sort of competitive advantage, I’m not talking about that.

Instead, they see the big picture and they see it as a complicated dance which can then lead to certain predictions. Now, what would really help you as a player is if you understand how the different people in League of Legends react to each other on a predictable basis.

There’s really nothing random in the world. Things can be predicted. If you look hard enough and work at it hard enough, it can be reduced to some sort of equation. Instead of bad news, it’s actually great news.

If you’re dealing with an equation, you’re dealing with predictability. If you’re dealing with predictability, you can then learn how to do the right move at the right time to produce the right results with the right people. This of course, leads to victory.

Yes, working with French people in League of Legends can help turn your game around. However, it’s not as simple or as straightforward as you may have imagined it to be. You have to be prepared for it. You have to have the right mindset otherwise your own personal complacency will do you in. This happens all the time. Most of the time, people only have themselves to blame. Get ready for it. Get ready to go toe to toe with your own preconceptions and attitudes. This is the key to any kind of progress. If you think about it hard enough, this piece of advice actually applies to a wide range of situations.

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