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The funny thing about French culture is that a lot of people think that it’s monolithic. A lot of people think that they only need to think about Louis XIV, the Enlightenment, Napoleon, and other high points of French culture to really get a clear understanding of the distinctively French attitude towards life and what the French good life truly means.

It would be nice if it were that simple. But you have to understand that French culture really is a distributed culture. Sure, it originated in the geographic region called France but the moment it crosses borders, it actually becomes a local phenomenon. For example, the French experience in Chad or Ivory Coast in Africa is as much a valid extension of the global French culture as the way culture is practiced and lived out in Montreal or the greater area of Quebec or Vietnam. Do you see how this works?

To say that you’re going to preserve French culture by simply focusing on news, entertainment or lifestyle issues coming out of France would really be missing the point. If you are serious about doing your part in preserving global French culture, focus on the French culture that exists in your part of the world. That’s right. In your neck of the woods, there’s a lot of tremendous social, cultural and political firm and a lot of these have an impact on French culture.

Whether these people acquired the French language from French settlers or colonists or from some sort of secondary administrative environment, it doesn’t really matter. There is French culture there because people are speaking French pretty much all the time. Do your part in ensuring that this continues. Do your part in making sure that your local variation of French culture is not only transmitted and reinforced locally but is also stored on the cloud by sharing it here.

Do you like how you can back up your data by storing it on the cloud so that way, when something bad happens to your laptop, you only need to open your tablet and you have access to your data? We have the same attitude when it comes to French culture and this website. When people share resources on this website, they’re essentially back up their local French culture.

You have to start them out young

If you think that the ideal age for your kids to immerse themselves in formal french language materials is junior high or, worse yet, high school, you’ll be a day late and a buck short. Seriously. Their minds have been formed already. Their social antennas have retracted. Permanently. Do yourself a big favor. If you are serious about doing your part in keeping French language and culture alive in your part of the world, be proactive and start your kids early. As early as 3 years old, kids can retain several languages. Start there. Load up with french language children’s books and scale up from there.

Whatever may happen on the ground in your part of the world, you can bet that you can back up a lot of your history, culture and traditions through this website.