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Make Your Future By Purchasing An Executive Condominium In A Township

By: Elmo Bouteiller

Punggol district of Singapore now has one of the best Townships in the country which is designed and constructed by the renowned CDL and TID builders. For the construction of Piermont Grand, EC experts of CDL and TID were awarded various BCA awards. The Township has a lot of amenities which one won’t even be able to find in a well established metropolitan city. One of the best advantages of living in Piermont Township is that you will get a lot of growth opportunities.

How lucrative it is to invest in this township?

The Town Hub

This is considered as one of the main attractions in Piermont Township. Builders of CDL and TID have planned to complete the project till 2021. The Town Hub also has a Hawker center and a library. The Town Hub will be around 42,300 square meters in area and here you can easily visit the Waterfront of Punggol district since it is at a walking distance. Moreover, the Town Hub is only two blocks away from the premium condominiums.

Oasis Terrace Mall

This Mall is closer to the Pasis LRT railway station, thus it would be too convenient for you to reach the place. The mall consists of 7 storeys and it has more than 100 shops under one roof. Thus, you can enjoy the evening with your family or friends by eating great cuisines made by expert chefs.

If you are an ardent advocate of fitness regime then you can also find great fitness centers at the roof of the mall. One can also visit the place with his loved ones during evenings and can see a great vista of the Piermont Township. The place also has a roof garden which has breathtaking beauty.

Great opportunity for children

There is a plan to construct several premium schools for your children within the proximity of the condos. Thus, you don’t have to waste a lot of time sending them to school. In Piermont Township, you will also find various playgrounds and green belts which are considered ideal for the overall growth of the children.

Excellent executive condos

The executive condominiums are designed in the latest designs. You will get luxury furnishing and fixtures throughout the house. Thus, you will stay in style and can get various amenities of HOA which will safeguard your condominium. These condominiums are ideal for couples as well as for joint families as you can choose from a wide range of floor plans.

Country Club

The Piermont Township is in the vicinity of various Country Clubs thus you can enjoy a lot of sporting activities viz. golf, polo, swimming pool, etc. This service is very helpful for retired and elderly citizens as they will get company throughout the day and they don’t feel boredom. In these clubs, you can also organize several small events and can have a get together with your friends and colleagues.


This township is considered as the first to have thorough digitization. The SIT is planning to establish a new campus inside the township, thus you, the residents, will get a great environment and will be able to cash in better job opportunities. Being thoroughly digitized means that the resale value of your property will increase in the upcoming future.

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